Monday, August 30, 2010

CDs, PDFs, and Other Nerdy Nerdy Things?

So, undoubtedly it's been a while. I've been knee deep, head over heels, engrossed in music. The album has been behind in schedule (thanks to roughly a month and a half of cleansing), which means that I may have to scrap it favor of an instrumental album until January or so, but I've decided that I'm not rescheduling it without a fight.

Either way... I've been working on CD layouts, packaging, etc. which has lead to me having more CD packaging options that what I intended or need. So, good news, there are now CD envelopes available in my shop (and there will probably be more CD envelopes and cases soon).

Other than that, there's been piles of paperwork, and cleaning... and when one is done, the other seems like it needs to be done again.

Anyway, I'm kicking around the idea of starting to offer design files... like .pdf files, for things like printable earrings cards, etc. for other shop owners. If anyone has ideas, let me know. :)


Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Earrings

Things have been uber crazy here. I've been mostly working on recording, mixing, and songwriting for the past few months, so there hasn't (unfortunately) been as much time to work on crafting and overall etsy stuff.

But, on the upside, I *finally* found clip on earring bases, so now all of my silver finish earrings can be converted to clip ons if needed.

Here are a few pictures of a new design. ;)