Monday, January 17, 2011

Keeping the blog up, etc.

So, I've been pretty bad about keeping this blog up over the past year. I blame that run in that I had with the mumps... I was doing pretty good until then. But meh, it is what it is. Either way, it's a new year, and with that I have no momentum.

Anyway, so, it's been crazy busy here. Good crazy busy... but crazy busy nonetheless. Right now I'm looking at building myself a desktop computer... I figure I can toss one together for about $150. It wouldn't be anything terribly spectacular, but I could mix music and keep etsy things up while the laptop is being serviced. (Which would be good, because if I had to go for even a month without a computer, there would be a whole lot of things that would be nightmarish to try to juggle).

I also went ahead and adopted a new cat... which was not in the game plan, after Climber passed away last year (my 17 1/2 year old female Somali mix), I figured I'd wait up to a few years before adopting another cat. But I was out with my Mom the other day, and she dragged me over to PetSmart... and lo and behold, there was Rufus, a 3 year old, either Somali or Abyssinian dilute, with at least half the cute little personality traits of Climber.

All of that said, most of my time had been going toward my Etsy shop and creations. For instance, my new toilet paper roll earrings, those took me about two months to perfect... and right now it takes me about a week to make a pair (it takes several coats and days of curing for the sealing and stiffening agents to do their job... and then cutting, sanding, drilling... modifying ear wires, it's a lot of work), but overall it's been totally worth it.

There's also a ton of paperwork I need to muck through... and feedback, as well as a reserve of about 50-70 earrings that I haven't listed yet (I can't help it, it's a lot more fun to make them then it is to post them). But I think it's going to be an all around good year for the shop (who knows, maybe I'll even do some special for etsy music.)

Well, that's all for now.