Sunday, February 21, 2010

So, this one time, when I was up all night thinking, and coming up with ideas...

So, I've once again been up all night. (I need to stop doing that). But on the upside, I've come up with a lot of great artsy, etsy, website reorganization ideas (let's face it between the art, the music, and the writing, is a nightmare to navigate right now, and it needs a complete template overhaul). :S

Anyway, after some sleep I'm going to make a big push to get the rest of my items listed (I have 2-3 more books that I can clean out of my collection, several more pairs of earrings, and more of those lovely bamboo charms that I designed). Which will be good, because it'll give me a big push to get more stuff made (I'm generally speaking a work-a-holic... so if inventory is low, or if I have everything listed, I'll probably make more stuff, if for no other reason, out of complete boredom).

And perhaps after doing a bit of cleaning, I'm thinking I might start work on doing something handmade in the poetry or music department. So ideas, themes, concepts, etc. are welcome! ^_^

Oh! And if anyone knows for a good online CSS crash course (especially in relation to wordpress), let me know (I'm a bit rusty on cross-browser compatibility, and some of the more advanced layout concepts).

That's all for now (but hopefully I'll be able to put some pictures up later of the knit/sewing projects I've been working on). :D

~Aimee ^_^

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