Monday, February 22, 2010


So, as of yesterday evening, I've been sick... most likely with the mumps. :S

So I'm holding off on making or listing any new items until I feel better (it just wouldn't seem right, assembling items, packaging them, and getting things all mumpped up). But I'll be leaving my existing items up for the time being (thankfully I know of people who are currently mump free (aka my Dad)... who should be staying that way (hazzah for immunities) who can take the already finished and packaged items, toss them in a box, and send them on their way, all without sneezing, coughing, etc. on them). (Yes, that was just a lot of parenthesis within parenthesis.)

I *suppose* if someone actually wanted the mumps I could go ahead and try to sneeze in the packing box or something, but that would seem like an all together *bad* idea. (Besides, who'd actually *want* the mumps? And even if you did, according to the internet, it's spread through saliva droplets, which have to come into contact with the mouth or nose... so it would either have to be air born, or else you'd have to try to eat the packing materials... which, again, would seem like an all together *bad* idea.)

So, anyway, yeah, I'm all sick at the moment. But on the upside, this is still much much better than when I got the chicken pox in high school (which was miserable... but really quite funny in retrospect), or the time that I got the piece of pumpkin stuck up my toe (or rather between my toe and my toenail... let's just say that running, barefoot, around the house, around Halloween did not work out well for me... but that pumpkin got to go places... Toronto, for a vocal competition... around school, to the mall...), and at the end I should have a good enough immunity to not ever come down with it again (so, with any luck, I'll never look half-chipmunky again).


Well, that's all for now!

Happy etsying, breathing, doing whatever it is that you like to do-

~Aimee ^_^

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