Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back to work. ^_^

So, I've worked considerably less this week, and I can't blame myself, I've been exhausted (you try working for a whole month without taking even weekends off, and tell me how you feel at the end of it).

But, I've slapped a few vintage books that I needed to clean out of my collection (I love books... so much that I often come home from book sales with ones that, after closer inspection, I'm not even interested in, but ended up with, just because they had a 'cool' vibe and were only 25 cents) up on etsy, and I've once again, started work on more jewelry (even despite some jewelry wire mishaps). So, if all goes well, I should get some more items slapped up over the next week or so. I still have a ton of finished earrings to add as well, but frankly, I'm really sick of writing earring descriptions... so I'm going to hold off until I get unsick of writing earring descriptions. ;)

I know, I'm blathering. But this is just sometimes what happens when I'm tired, and I've been trying to skim through things like rss documentation and computery things for several days in a row. But, on the upside, I may go make myself some coffee... and if I get my necklace finished, there may be pictures up here later. (Huzzah!)


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